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This winter, I have fully embraced sweatpant season. And none of this hipster “jogger” tight-butt sweatpant thing. No. I’m talking ultra baggy 1990’s sweats. That’s my look. Daily. It works. I swear it works.

But I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at my kid’s toddler gymnastics play hour and realized I was the odd ma out. Everyone else was in skinny jeans and sweaters. I mean, who gets all dressed up to go to toddler gymnastics play hour? How pretentious are you people?

You know that Flo-Rida song about the girl in the Apple Bottom Jeans and the boots wit da fur and the baggy sweatpants and the Reeboks with the straps? Yeah well the whole club was looking at her. And not because she must have had 4 legs either. Because everyone else was probably in shiny cocktail dresses and heels, but she managed to look better in sweats and sneaks. I feel like that was basically me at toddler gymnastic hour. Right?

I’d like to think it takes a certain amount of confidence to be comfortable enough in your own skin to literally be comfortable in your own skin. Honestly though, tight pants come and go. Baggy pants never go out of style. Plus, with a little extra room around the nethers your quality of life is like, bam. Upped.

The thing about winter ending: it’s about to be too hot for sweatpants. Which is why I’m about to transition to our to harem pants. They’re like summer sweatpants.They’re not just comfortable, they’re also flattering, in a mysterious “I may or may not be concealing a litter of kittens in here” kind of way. 

 Breezy, flowy, comfortable enough to be pajamas but fancy enough to not be. They’re pants intended for comfort and style. And smuggling kittens.

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