5 Ways to Reinvent Your Style in 2016

New year. New you.

Take your style to the next level with this quick, effective list of fashion tips from Orchid Alley, and scope out featured pieces from our collection while you're at it.

1. Take More Risks With Color


Elephant Wrap Skirt, $24

The right combination of hues can make a world of difference. Go for a skirt whose colors pop with the perfect amount of pleasantness.

2. Play Around With New Silhouettes

Pattern Harem Pants, $42

Be the one bold enough to pull off a silhouette this striking. You'll be joining a long line of trendsetters who had the same vision.

3. Make A Statement With Your Shirts

Muay Thai Women's Tee, $20

Feeling stronger than ever? Here's a fierce graphic tee featuring Thailand's most famous combat sport.

4. Spice Up Your Accessories

Lamai Purse, $15

This is the year that you upgrade your purse game. Get a statement piece like the Lamai and you'll be the talk of any room you walk into.

5. Experiment With Different Patterns

Crossed Lines Zip Sweatshirt, $34

Keep them guessing. Mix up more patterns and textures and you'll see the benefits.

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