4 Eastern Influences on Western Fashion

Today's world is more globalized than it's ever been.

For centuries, the Far East has had a massive influence on the Western powers, in all forms of culture, and most certainly fashion. Check out these four examples of sensational style that started in Asia before making their way to the rest of the globe.

Eastern Animals (Both Real and Mythical!)


Ganesha Tank Dress, $24

From the elephants that roam India, to the dragon of ancient Chinese folklore, you're bound to find animals from this region on everything from casual dresses to high-fashion Valentino gowns.

Sky Is The Limit


Electric Cloud Mini Dress, $28

Japanese kimonos from the Meiji period (1868-1912) had a knack for incorporating cloud designs. Today, you see the result of those ambitions in modern looks that take the cloud to a newer, electric level.

Wake Up and Smell the Roses


Grey Rose Zip Hoodie, $34

The rose first sprung up in Central Asia some 70 million years ago. Eventually, they spread all over the Northern hemisphere, but not before the Chinese were the first to cultivate them extensively. Next time you see floral prints featuring roses, remember the origins.

Keep Calm and Namaste

Yoga Workout Women's Tee, $20

Everyone knows that we have India to thank for yoga, but what about all of the clothing that's come out to the physical, mental, and spiritual phenomenon? Yoga gear is comfort and history at the same time.

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