The Real Meaning Behind the Animal on Your T-Shirt

Style is a statement. Everything you wear is a reflection of your outlook on the world.

So what does that mean for animal prints, one of the hottest trends in recent memory? Well, that’s exactly what this post aims to do: break down the symbolism behind the beast.

Sure, eagles and elephants look cool, but just wait until you find out the deeper meaning each animal traditionally represents.

Tiger: The Powerful One

Tiger Women's Tee, $20

Move over lions! In China, the tiger is the king of all beasts. These gorgeous, striped big cats represent power and have a close association with the Chinese God of Wealth, Tsai Shen Yeh.

Owl: The Wise One

3 Owls Women's Tee

Various cultures all hold the owl in high regard. Greek goddess of learning, Athena, viewed the animal as sacred. Ancient Egyptians believed the owl guarded the underworld. During the Middle Ages, Europeans even thought of owls as witches and wizards in disguise. What connects all of these cultures is the fact that the owl is a symbol of wisdom.

Eagle: The Bold One

Eagle Women's Tee, $20

Aztecs and Mayans had a great respect for the authoritative nature of the eagle. For centuries, humans have looked at the magnificent bird as a symbol of power. Of course, now, it's strongly associated with the United States. When you see that wingspan, you can't help but to think: freedom.

Elephant: The Successful One

Ganesha Women's Tee, $20

This isn't just any old elephant. Worshipping Ganesha is said to bring good luck, fortune, and success into your life. This is an elephant who's known for removing obstacles to prosperity. Ganesha remains one of the most celebrated icons in the world.

Octopus: The Adaptable One

Killer Octopus Women's Tee, $20

The ocean is a vast, unexplored abyss for humans. But the octopus is a strange, brilliant creature that's been dwelling in our seas for far longer than we can imagine. Its regenerative properties and unique form have given the octopus a reputation as one of the more crafty, adaptable animals around. It's a reputation well-earned.

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