Orchid Alley Looks for Your Inner Princess

Everyone remembers their favorite Disney movie from childhood. Many were so captivated by these films and their leading ladies that gleeful hours were spent dressing up as one princess or another. Why not recapture the joy of make-believe and enjoy a little fashion whimsy in adulthood? From sassy, crop-topped Jasmine with her ultra feminine silhouette, to tomboy Mulan in her traditional Chinese threads, here are some Orchid Alley looks to help you channel your favorite Disney princess.


Mandala Zip Hoodie, $34

Dance with all the colors of the wind in this buckskin-hued hoodie. The nature-inspired pocket design embodies a Pocahontas-esque connection to the earth, while a matching mandala on the chest is reminiscent of the beloved song lyric: “We are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends.” 


Solid Harem Pants, $40

Embrace the comfort and style of a low-slung harem pant like the powerful young princess Jasmine. Perfect for a midriff baring party look or dressing down with a tee and sneakers, this iconic silhouette is equal parts loungewear and high fashion.



Fire Fan Mini Dress, $28

Powerful lines and contrasting colors break up the landscape of this Chinese-style dress. Contemporary meets traditional with a fan pattern reminiscent of Mulan’s famed scene as a Geisha-in-training. Crafted in soft pliable jersey, this ladylike look is not as delicate as it seems. Throw on a pair of leggings underneath if you need to head into battle!

Bonus: Feeling wicked?



Killer Octopus Women's Tee, $20

For those days when you’re feeling more like a sea-witch than a princess, try this tentacled tee. Bold black graphics over a light purple background in the colors of the power-hungry octopus queen let you proudly parade your inner villain. Evil has never looked this good!

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