Festival Season DO's and DON'Ts

As the days grow longer and warmer, it’s that time of year again to dust off your sandals and crop tops and head outdoors in search of summer sun. For many, the kickoff of spring and summer screams “festival season” and the hunt for the perfect weekend of music, dancing, and delightful debauchery begins.

For the preplanning partygoer, here’s an easy go-to list of FESTIVAL SEASON DO's and DON’Ts:

DO research your options. 

There are hundreds of festivals ranging from enormous commercial extravaganzas featuring superstars as headliners, to tiny bluegrass ho-downs in towns you’ve never heard of. You’ll want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Check out Music Festival Wizard for a comprehensive list of all 2016 music festivals.

DON’T just follow the hipsters. 

There are certain festivals that have been made trendy by celebrity attendees (*cough* Coachella *cough*) and the hype tends to overshadow the fact that there aren’t actually any cool performers there. Unless you like the headlining acts, don’t pick a festival based on which famous people you hope to run into. Trust us, they will not acknowledge you, even in the throes of an ecstasy-induced dance pit. In fact, you will not even catch a glimpse, as they will be deeply hidden in the VIP. 

DO pack layers. 

It can get cool at night, especially after a day of drinking under the hot sun. For those prone to sunburns, pick a light cotton layer to find shelter from those scorching rays.

Try the Ganesha Long Sleeve Tee for a pop of color and a light cover-up.

DON’T go for the all-nude body paint look. 

Though it might seem like a good idea (those girls with the butterfly breasts just look so free and happy!), the initially bright and sparkling colors will soon run together with your sweat and you will be hot, sticky, and eventually realize you are, in fact, naked.

DO think outside the box.

Bring those organic soaps you got as a gift from your eccentric aunt and have been hoarding for years. Some hippy will definitely be down to barter them for something truly useful, like a cold beer. This is such a certainty that you might as well pack a large tote filled with goods to trade.

Something like the Spiral Oversize Pilgrim Bag should do the trick.

DON’T follow your ears to the drum circle after 3AM. 

There will undoubtedly be a plethora of free spirited people who will steal your dignity (and perhaps even soul) by sunrise. Remember: the flickering glow of firelight paints even the roughest of canvases with golden mystery. The light of day is far, far less forgiving. Especially with a hangover.

DO pack a fun, free spirited dress. 

You’ll want to pick something breezy and light with a shape that encourages wild dancing.

The Tie Dye Fringe Dress is exactly what you need.

DON’T overdo it.

Don’t listen to your friend who promises the psychotropic effects of LSD will “only last a couple hours.” Only embark on what is sure to be a journey if you are prepared for your trip to last the better part of a day, have plenty of access to cool water, and a buddy so you don’t get lost or freaked.

DO wear something visually stimulating. 

Even if you yourself are not altering your consciousness, there will be people around you who are. There’s nothing more fun than dressing up as a living art piece and watching the festival heads lose their minds when you walk by!

Try the Electric Cloud Mini Dress.

DON'T go to overpriced music festivals.

Most of the massive, corporate music festivals no longer cater to their core audience: music lovers. Prices have risen astronomically as music festivals have become playgrounds for the rich and famous. But there are still some fests keeping it real.

DO go to Sweetlife Music Festival.

Popular healthy food chain Sweetgreen offers the Sweetlife Music Festival every year. The performances are on point, the pavilion is beautiful, and the food is amazing. Most of your friends don't know about this one yet.

Ticket and lineup information here.

Top Photo: Thomas Hawk/Flickr

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