Introducing Orchid Alley’s Flagship Store!

So I made a store you guys. Like, not a website. I have rented a cute little space in Ithaca, NY and I have filled it with t-shirts. It's right in front of my favorite piece of downtown art, the business fairy checking his watch. People like to dress him. In the winter someone always knits him a little hat. Right now you may notice he has sneakers on. 

 I spent about a month painting the walls, white with a purple racing stripe. After days of holding up different shades of white against the wall, I’m pretty sure I picked the perfect white. I put up track lights, and I hung bars to hang racks to hang hangers to hang t-shirts from. And then I hung the t-shirts. And the bags. And the dresses. And the skirts. And the hammock for my little baby reptile monster cat to take her naps in.

 It’s not exactly a cliff hanger of a story, but the point is our flagship store is open! We’re at the bottom of The Commons in downtown Ithaca, across from Lot 10 and The Chanticleer. I’ve got a few talented shop girls in the crew already, like the marvelous Marlena, pictured here acting all like running a shop is a total breeze. 

Personally I find it a little bit harder. Today I got to work and caught sight of myself in the mirror, and realized I had forgotten to dress myself and my child before leaving the house. I was in my pajamas (wife beater and short elastic shorts) and my baby cat monster had done a fine job of soiling her suit.

Tada! Total makeover by Orchid Alley! Well not exactly we’re both still not even wearing pants but we look fine sitting behind the cash register.

Come visit us!


Monday- Thursday 11-7

Friday 11-8

Saturday 10-8

Sunday 11-8


103 North Cayuga Street, Ithaca, NY, 14850

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